Broncos vs Colts

Broncos vs ColtsIt’s tempting to imagine that a resurgent Denver Broncos team could keep pace with the Kansas City Chiefs in primetime,Broncos vs Colts Live Stream, but it’s probably not going to happen.

Denver’s defense has looked good in recent weeks, as the Broncos have handled some of the NFL’s weakest squads in the Chargers and the Titans. Denver had an impressive seven sacks and three interceptions against Tennessee. But the Titans offense is also bad. In reality, this defense isn’t a world-beating unit: Football Outsiders had them at 16th in defensive DVOA entering Week 6.

Indianapolis has been red hot when it comes to scoring inside the 20-yard line. The Denver Broncos have been incredibly proficient protecting the red zone.

On Sunday, the Colts’ confident offense and the Broncos’ stingy red zone defense will square off in a clash pitting strength against strength.

“Guys have a good feel for what we’re trying to do down there and we’ve done a good job of executing,” Denver coach Vic Fangio said. “We’ve played the run well down there when they have run it of late. And we’ve made some plays in the passing game. It’s just we’ve played good.”

Denver has not allowed a touchdown on 10 consecutive red zone trips, the last being a third-quarter score by Jacksonville in Week 4 — nearly 200 minutes in game time.

The problem: Kansas City still scored 30 points and handed Denver (2-5) its worst loss of the season, and now the Broncos must face one of the league’s most opportunistic teams.

Indianapolis (4-2) scored touchdowns on all four red zone trips last week against Houston, making the Colts 15 of 23 this season — sixth in the NFL in touchdown percentage (65.2).

Denver, in contrast, is 26th in touchdown percentage at 47.4.

Coach Frank Reich believes the Colts’ success is no secret.

“It’s everybody making plays, right?” he said. “But it does start at quarterback and Jacoby (Brissett) has been doing a really good job. Houston goes 2-for-5, we go 4-for-4. When you’re playing, two good teams, that’s what it’s going to come down to.”

Plus, the Colts have run the ball effectively, and they’ve been creative — for example, using All-Pro guard Quenton Nelson in a pass pattern last week.

But with perennial Pro Bowl linebacker Von Miller, veteran cornerback Chris Harris Jr. and longtime defensive lineman Derek Wolfe up next, the Colts know the challenge they face.

“Obviously, they have standout players, but they’re just a really good group of guys playing very well,” Brissett said. “They’re playing the system very well. It’s going to take a full game from us because you see no weakness in their defense.”


Colts starting safety Malik Hooker is expected to be back in the lineup Sunday after missing the last three games with a torn meniscus.

Getting another playmaker back on the field should only help make Indy’s improving defense even better.

“He had a great minicamp, training camp and first part of the year,” defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus said. “This is the best we’ve all seen him look. We’re excited to get him back and we’re excited for the roles he’s going to play.”


When he traded Emmanuel Sanders to the 49ers, Broncos GM John Elway said second-year pro Courtland Sutton was the new leader in the receiver room.

But the loss of Sanders’ emotional spark leaves the Broncos leaning even more heavily on second-year running back Phillip Lindsay, who brought a nasty attitude to the offense last year when he became the first undrafted offensive rookie to make the Pro Bowl.

He’s having another solid season, even though nearly half of his carries have resulted in runs of 2 yards or less.


Zach Pascal might not match last week’s nearly perfect game. The second-year Colts receiver hopes to top it, though.

He caught six of seven passes Brissett threw his way, finished with 106 yards and two scores and was lauded by coaches for his downfield blocking. But there was one play Pascal wanted back — an overthrow to a wide-open Nyheim Hines that probably would have been a touchdown on the “Jackie Moon” play.

“I choked,” said Pascal, who scored later on the drive. “I just missed him. I make that throw in practice all the time.”


Joe Flacco has always taken heat for not being a more vocal leader, and those criticisms cropped up again last week when the Broncos were blown out by the Chiefs.

“That’s Joe,” coach Vic Fangio said. “When things are going good, he’s like that. He’s Joe Cool. When things are going bad, it’s a lack of intensity, it’s a lack of enthusiasm. I think that’s just going to continue to be the dialogue as it relates to Joe Flacco and his career.”

Flacco said he’s not going to start chewing guys out.

“I am who I am,” he said. “If I’m being somebody that I’m not, nobody is going to respect me in that huddle.”

As Lindsay says, “Joe’s not a rah-rah dude.

Seahawks vs Falcons Live

Seahawks vs Falcons Live:Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s first interception of the season turned into a pick-six and the Seahawks couldn’t stop Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback Lamar Jackson when they needed during their 30-16 loss to the Ravens Sunday afternoon at CenturyLink Field.

Wilson, who has been absolutely brilliant in the Seahawks (5-2) first six games, struggled throughout the game, but his decision to float a pass to the right sideline was an easy interception for Ravens’ cornerback Marcus Peters, who returned the interception 67 yards for a touchdown to give the Ravens (5-2) a 13-10 lead in the second quarter.

The interception highlighted a bad day for Wilson, who completed just 20-of-41 passes for 241 yards with one touchdown and one interception and a rating of 66.8. Wilson was sacked once, but he was under pressure often and he was hit seven times in the game.

Wilson is known for his escapability, but Jackson is on another level when it comes to scrambling. Jackson ran on designed plays, but it was his ability to turn something out of nothing that stood out. The second-year quarterback ran for 13 times for game-high 117 yards and a touchdown. Jackson completed just 9-of-20 passes for 143 yards in the game, but it was his running the consistently hurt the Seahawks.

The loss snapped the Seahawks’ three-game losing streak. They will travel to face the Atlanta Falcons next week.

Seahawks have a second-and-13 at their own 33. Wilson flips ball to Willson for 10. PENALTY – Holding Seattle (Willson). Second-and-23. Wilson passes deep left Intended for Lockett. PENALTY – Roughing passer Baltimore (Bynes). First and-10 at the 38. Carson dances his way up the middle for 8. Carson tries to bounces outside lift, but he’s hit for loss of 2. Wilson scrambles left passes short left intended for Metcalf. Seahawks punt.

Ravens take the ball at their own 10. Edwards runs left for 8. PENALTY Holding Baltimore (Boyle). First-and-15 from the 5. Jackson passes short middle intended for Andrews. He drops another one. Jackson passes short right to Ingram for 7. Third-and-8 at the 12. Seahawks need a big stop here. Jackson scrambles out of trouble and gains 30 to the Ravens 42. That’s what Jackson can do. Demoralizing for the Seahawks.

Ingram runs off right tackle for 4. Jackson scrambles again and doing his thing, gains 13. Edwards running left, gains 9. Seahawks defense looks tired. Edwards runs wide left for 7 and a first down at the Seattle 25. Ingram, hit in the backfield, loses 2. Jackson passes short middle to Boyle and he runs for 20 to the Seattle 7. PENALTY Illegal shift Baltimore. First-and-goal from the Seattle 12. Jackson keeps right for 2. Jackson scrambles, but slips and is sacked for a loss of 2. Third-and-goal from the 12. Ingram runs up the middle for 8. Tucker on for a 21-yard field goal attempt. Good. Ravens take a 23-13 lead with 3:47 remaining.

Seattle starts at their own 25. It’s a must-score possession for the Seahawks on this drive.

Wilson throws short left to Metcalf. He drops the football and the fumble is scooped up by Humphrey and he returned the fumble 18 yards for the touchdown. Play is being reviewed. Ruling stands. It’s a touchdown for the Ravens. Ravens take a 30-13 lead with 3:37 remaining and the Seahawks fans are streaming for the exits.

Seattle gets ball at their own 25. Carson runs up the middle, but he’s stacked up for a 2-yard loss. Carson passes short left to Carson for 10. Third-and-2. Wilson passes short right to Brown for 8 and a first down at the Seattle 41. Wilson passes short right intended for Metcalf. Wilson hit by Williams as he threw football. Wilson throws deep left intended for Hollister. Wilson, under heavy pressure, passes short middle intended for Carson. Seahawks punt.

Ravens will start at their own 13.

Jackson and Ingram fumble handoff, but Ingram picks up football and runs right for 3. Jackson, hit as he throws, passes short left intended for Roberts. Jackson passes short left to Andrews, he’s drilled by Flowers before he gets to the first down marker. Ravens punt.

Seahawks get the ball at their own 35.

Carson runs off left guard for 3. Carson takes the pitch and runs left for 9. Carson runs off right tackle for 2 to the Seattle 49. Wilson scrambles left for 9 for a first down at the Ravens’ 42. Carson runs off right tackle for 3. Carson runs around right end for 5. Third-and-2 at the Ravens’ 34. Wilson passes short left to Lockett, but he’s tackle for a 1-yard loss. Myers on for a 53-yard field goal attempt. Missed wide right.

Ravens gain possession at their own 43. Ingram runs up the middle for 3. Ingram runs off right tackle for 2. Third-and-5. Jackson can be dangerous here. Jackson scrambles to his right passes to Hurst for 10 and a first down. Edwards off left guard for 1. Edwards up the middle for 14 and a first down at the Seattle 27. Ingram runs up the middle for 8. Ingram runs off right guard for 3 and a first down. Ravens at the Seahawks’ 16. Jackson passes deep middle to Andrews. He can’t hold it in the end zone. Incomplete. PENALTY – Delay of game Baltimore. Second-and-15. Jackson passes short right intended for Andrews. He just dropped it. Jackson runs right for 13. Tucker on for a 25-yard field goal.

Baltimore calls timeout. Harbaugh changes his mind and decides to go for it on fourth-and-2 at the Seattle 8. Jackson up the middle for the touchdown. Ravens take a 20-13 lead with 1:20 remaining.

Seahawks start at their own 25. Wilson passes short left intended for Carson. Wilson passes short left to Carson for 5. Wilson passes short left to Metcalf for 6 and a first down. Carson runs off right tackle, but tackled for a 3-yard loss.

Seahawks have a second-and-3 at the Ravens 8.

Wilson passes short left intended for Brown. Wilson faked right and throws back to his left to a wide open Brown. The pass was a little short, but very catchable. Brown drops it. Wilson scrambles, throws up what looks like a throw-away, but Lockett appears out of nowhere and catches it for the touchdown. Wow! another amazing play by Wilson and Lockett!! Seahawks take a 7-3 lead with 14:06 remaining.

Don’t know what Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey was thinking. He gave up on the play. He should know better when he’s facing Wilson.

Ravens get the ball at their own 25.

Jackson passes deep left intended for Roberts. Broken up by Flowers. Ingram runs wide right, No gain. Third-and-10. Jackson scrambles left for 28 yards and a first down at the Seahawks 47.

Just crazy skills and a huge conversion by Jackson. Edwards off left guard for 2. Jackson passes deep right to Andrews for 33 to the Seattle 12. Jackson options left and pitches to Snead for 2. Jackson pass short middle intended for Hurst. Third-and-8. Jackson pass short middle for Hurst. Fourth down. Tucker kicks a 28-yard field goal and the Seahawks lead 7-6 with 11:10 remaining.

Seahawks take possession at their own 25.

Wilson passes deep left intended for Metcalf. PENALTY – roughing the passer. Seahawks have the ball at their own 40. Carson runs up the middle for 5. Carson runs off right tackle for 1. Wilson buys time in the pocket, passes deep middle to Turner for 24 yards and a first down at the Ravens 30.

Wilson passes deep middle intended for Moore. Wilson passes short left to Moore and he runs for 14 and a first down to the Ravens 16. Wilson passes deep middle for Lockett, he catches the ball, but falls OB out of back of end zone. Wilson scrambling right, passes deep middle intended for Lockett. Overthrows Lockett in the end zone. Wilson passes deep left intended for Metcalf. Seahawks want a penalty. One not coming.

Seahawks challenge the no-call on the play. Play under review. Ruling stands. Seattle charged with their third and final timeout.

Myers on for a 34-yard field goal. It’s good. Seahawks lead 10-6 with 7:39 remaining.

Ravens take possession at their own 25. Jackson rolls right passes short intended for Roberts. Jackson scrambles up the middle for 5. Third-and-5. Jackson passes short left intended for Andrews. Broken up by Blair. Ravens punt.

Seahawks will start at their own 45. Prosise runs off left tackle for 13. Carson up the middle for 4. Wilson passes deep left intended for Willson. Seahawks want a penalty. None coming. Disaster for Wilson and the Seahawks. Wilson throws it up for grabs short right. Easily intercepted by Peters, who takes it 67 yards to the house.

Just a terrible throw by Wilson for his first interception of the year. Baltimore takes a 13-10 lead with 6:00 remaining.

Seahawks have the ball at their own 8. Wilson passes short right intended for Hollister. Wilson passes short left to Metcalf for 9. Carson runs up the middle for 3 and a first down. Wilson rolls right and passes short to Lockett for 12. Carson tries to run wide right, tackled for loss of 1. PENALTY – Offside

Myers kicks a 31-yard field goal to give the Seahawks a 13-13 tie at halftime.

Justin Tucker kicks a 25-yard field goal to give the Ravens a 3-0 lead with 10:19 remaining.

The Seahawks take possession at their own 27.

Carson runs off right guard for 7. Wilson passes screen left to Carson, tackled for a 6-yard loss. Everybody saw that pass coming. Third and 9. Wilson passes short left intended for Metcalf, ball goes right through his hands. Seahawks punt.

Ravens take over at their own 27.

Jackson throws screen pass right to Moore for 3. Ingram runs off right tackle for 4. Third-and-3. Jackson scrambles up the middle and left for 10 and a first down at the Seattle 45. Jackson keeps left for 1. Jackson pass short middle intended for Andrews, but he can’t hold onto the ball. Third-and-9. Jackson scrambles and passes short right intended for Snead. Broken up by Wright. Ravens punt.

Seahawks get the ball back at their own 17.

Carson runs off right tackle for 1. Carson runs off right guard for 8. Carson, running hard up the middle, gains 9 and a first down at the Seattle 45. Carson up the middle on a slow-developing play, loses 1 yard. Wilson, scrambles right, but he’s sacked for no gain. Third-and-11. Wilson passes deep left to Metcalf for 37 to the Ravens 29.

Here’s what you need to know to watch the Seahawks face the Ravens:

Who: Seattle Seahawks vs. Baltimore Ravens

What: NFL regular season, Week 7

When: Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019

Time: 1:25 p.m. PT/4:25 p.m. ET

Where: CenturyLink Field, Seattle, WA

TV: FOX, DirecTV

Wilson passes short left to Hollister for 9. Carson runs up the middle for 5. Wilson keeps left, then slides for 7 to the Ravens 8.



Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson is one of the most dynamic and exciting players in the NFL. Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback Lamar Jackson is one of the most dynamic and exciting players in the league. There’s bound to be a number of eye-popping, jaw-dropping plays when two quarterbacks face off when the Seahawks face the Ravens on Sunday afternoon (1:25 p.m. PT/4:25 p.m. ET, FOX, DirecTV) in a Week 7 game.

You can watch the live stream of the game on with your cable provider login, or you can watch this game live for FREE with FuboTV (free trial).

Unfortunately, this game could be complicated to see for viewers who have either Dish, or Sling TV, as an ongoing carriage dispute with FOX has resulted in all FOX network channels being removed from those providers with no end to the feud in sight.

Seahawks vs Falcons

Seahawks vs Falcons:Here’s what you need to know before the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons matchup in Week 8 of the 2019 NFL season.

Falcons starting quarterback Matt Ryan saw his first practice action of the week and was officially listed as limited on the team’s injury report, but his official status for Sunday is questionable. Coach Dan Quinn said the team would take another look at Ryan on Saturday to re-asses his readiness for Sunday, although it remains to be seen when the team will announce a decision.

Many teams are reaching the midpoint of their season, making this slate of Week 8 contests pivotal in terms of which teams will be competing down the stretch and which could be playing relatively meaningless football in a month’s time. Is there a middling team poised to make a mid-season run? And will the Patriots and 49ers continue their winning ways and remain the only two unbeaten teams in football?

While there aren’t a ton of meetings between heavy hitters on the Week 8 NFL slate, this Sunday night provides a highly anticipated meeting between the Chiefs and Packers, who are looking to prove that they are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. With or without Patrick Mahomes II in the lineup, that game, along with a few others, are the ones to keep an eye on this weekend:

We’ll have a sense for what that looks like tomorrow,” Quinn said. “With Matt, we pushed it really hard with him today and we’ll see how he responds overnight to go, but I think you have to push to find out. And that’s what we did today. Grady [Jarrett] and Matt really worked hard to put themselves in that position to have a chance.”

McDougald (back) is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Falcons, John Boyle of the Seahawks’ official site reports.

McDougald (back) is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Falcons, John Boyle of the Seahawks’ official site reports.

Atlanta’s star quarterback is one of the few players who has played well this season. He’s currently on pace for 4,960 passing yards and 34 touchdowns, marks similar to those he achieved as the NFL MVP in 2016.

If Ryan is unable to play on Sunday, 38-year-old Matt Schaub would fill in as Atlanta’s starting quarterback against the Seahawks.

Defensive lineman Quinton Jefferson, one of the team’s most consistent pass rushers, has already been ruled out with an oblique injury. The other five are questionable: left tackle Duane Brown (biceps), right tackle Germain Ifedi (knee), corner Tre Flowers (neck), safety Bradley McDougald (back) and defensive end Ziggy Ansah (ankle). That doesn’t even include newly-acquired safety Quandre Diggs, who’s also listed as questionable with a hamstring issue.

It’s not every day an NFL team trades one of its co-captains and veteran starters for the relatively low return of a fifth-round draft choice a year after giving him a rich, long-term extension.

Wales vs South Africa

Wales vs South Africa:This rugby fixture could go either way, or at least that’s the chatter. Wales’ national team has fallen at this hurdle before, and it can’t get complacent and expect an easy go because of an injury on the other side of the pitch. Can the Springboks beat the odds and advance to the Rugby World Cup final, or will the Welsh team get there for the first time? To find out, you’ll want to catch a Wales vs South Africa live stream this weekend.

The big story going into the match-up is South Africa losing fullback Cheslin Kolbe to injury, a loss that even Rassie Erasmus, the Springbok coach, admitted to be to be “a big blow” to his team, when talking with the media earlier this week. S’bu Nkosi is set to fill in, and has the “full confidence” of his coach.

And as for the Wales team? Well, their attack formations have been criticized as ‘stuttering’, which is picking a narrow win for the Springboks — even though betting odds place Wales as the 2:5 favorite. Meanwhile the South African team’s already admitted to being concerned with the Wales team’s kicking and derided its use of filming their practices.

Streaming options vary greatly, based on where you are, and cost a lot in the U.S.. Here’s our guide to watching the 2019 Rugby World Cup online from absolutely anywhere, and getting a Wales vs South Africa live stream this Sunday.

Wales vs South Africa

?2019 Rugby World Cup semi-final

Venue: International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama

?Date: Sunday, 27 October, 2019

?Kick-off: 9:00am GMT

Wales will be looking to reach the Rugby World Cup final for the first time in their history when they take on South Africa in Yokohama on Sunday.

In what will be Warren Gatland’s penultimate game in charge (the losers here will play in the third-place playoff), Alun Wyn Jones’ side will be looking to go one better than in both 1987 and 2011, when they were beaten semi-finalists.

Wales reached the last four despite an underwhelming performance against France, largely helped by Sebastien Vahaamahina’s crazy red card.

South Africa, meanwhile, are looking for a third World Cup win, following their successes in 1995 and 2007, and reached the last four by beating hosts Japan in the quarter-final, with their only defeat of the tournament coming on opening weekend, against New Zealand.

But the All Blacks will not be in the final, with England beating them 19-7 on Saturday to ensure they will be competing for the biggest prize in rugby.

Team news and line-ups

What is it?

Wales vs South Africa in the Rugby World Cup semi-final, Wales’ third ever.

When is it?

Tomorrow – Sunday October 27 in Yokohoma.

What time is kick-off?

It will be a 9am GMT kick-off (remember the clocks go back an hour on Sunday morning).

What TV channel is it on?

ITV, who have exclusive rights to the 2019 Rugby World Cup. You can also follow the match live here with Telegraph Sport.

Read how to watch every match live – full TV schedule.

How did Wales reach the semi-final?

Wales staged a stunning fightback victory to win a gripping quarter-final in Oita after France pressed the self-destruct button .

The Six Nations champions’ 20-19 victory was secured by Ross Moriarty’s 74th-minute try that Dan Biggar converted.

A Wales win looked unlikely for long periods as an often flamboyant and brilliant French team dominated.

But the game changed course after Les Bleus lock Sebastien Vahaamahina was sent off in the 48th minute for elbowing Wales flanker Aaron Wainwright in the face.

Wales trailed by nine points at the time, but they dug deep after an earlier Wainwright try, while Biggar booted 10 points

Wales and South Africa go head to head on Sunday morning in the second semi-final of the Rugby World Cup.

Redskins vs Vikings

The Vikings have won five of the last seven games between these two teams, most recently beating the Redskins in Washington in 2017, 38-30. Minnesota has gained at least 300 yards in six straight games versus Washington, its longest active streak versus an NFC opponent.

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How To Watch, Listen, Stream and More | Week 8
Game Date/Time : Thursday, October 24, 2019, Time : 7:20 PM ET
Location : U.S. Bank Stadium.
Radio/Audio : Online Live TV

Redskins vs Vikings The National Football League is a Professional American football. Game Live Stream Wow to Watch 2019-20 Online For Anywhere.

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Which Is the Best NFL FOOTBALL Redskins vs Vikings Live TV Streaming Service?

Most any USA football game can be viewed on the main TV stations of ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX or their sister stations. And all the rest are aired on either regional or conference-specific networks. Included are all the viewing options for every channel airing a NFL game during any regular season, complete with TV schedules and online streaming options.

Watch Here // Today Big Game Redskins vs Vikings Live > Online Free TV. NFL Regular Season Live Stream TV Schedule (2019)

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NFL Football Broadcast rights are extremely complicated. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to watch every single game even with a cable subscription, as many games are only broadcast on local TV networks.

Redskins vs Vikings Live

Redskins vs Vikings Live:David Glass, the president of the National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media and a member of the White Earth Nation, argues it’s time Washington and the NFL said goodbye to the name.

Week 8 in the NFL starts with the Minnesota Vikings hosting the Washington Redskins on Thursday Night Football. On our Tuesday episode, Vikings Maven, Will Ragatz joined us to breakdown the game. We already know Adam Thielen won’t play but Dalvin Cook, Stefon Diggs and Kirk Cousins should still be able to get it done without Thielen in the lineup.

Two special guests in this episode with Evan Silva talking all things fantasy football with Jim and I. Silva will bring his special evaluation skills to shed some light on this week’s hot waiver wire pickups like Ty Johnson and Chase Edmonds. Plus Mark Malone stops by and shares his expertise on the quarterbacks across the National Football League. Plus Mark will be our next contestant on “Challenge Crame.” Jim and Mark go head-to-head in a one week fantasy football battle with both team managers taking one running back, wide receiver, and tight end for the ultimate 3-on-3 fantasy football challenge.

Date: Thursday, Oct. 10
Time: 8:20 p.m. ET
TV Channel: FOX
Live Stream: fuboTV (watch for free)

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Redskins vs Vikings Live

Redskins vs Vikings Live:The present and future of the quarterback position in the NFL will be on full display Thursday night when the New York Giants visit the New England Patriots. One of the best to ever play under center will go up against an up-and-coming rookie with a vast amount of potential.

With the next wave of the schedule here, we’re guaranteed the following things: Fantasy football, cheering on your favorite team, and, of course, taking a peek at the spreads in order to make sure you’re on the right side of every outcome.

Date: Thursday, Oct. 10
Time: 8:20 p.m. ET
TV Channel: FOX
Live Stream: fuboTV (watch for free)

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has had Thursday’s date circled on his calendar for a long time.

Cousins will face the Redskins for the first time on Thursday since leaving the franchise that drafted him. In 2018, the Redskins allowed him to walk in free agency after two straight seasons playing under the franchise tag.

It’s no secret that Washington has struggled to find stability at the quarterback position since Cousins left town. Since his departure, the Redskins have started five different signal-callers (played six) in 23 games, and have a cumulative record of 8-15.

While the Cousins storyline will grab many headlines, Redskins quarterback Case Keenum may feel that he has something to prove, too. Keenum led the Vikings to the NFC Championship game in 2017, but Minnesota signed Cousins the following offseason, allowing Keenum to walk. He signed with the Broncos, and was traded to Washington earlier this year after one season with Denver.

Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph was the guest on this week’s ‘Under Center with Kirk Cousins.’ Listen to the show via this link or on all popular podcast platforms by searching for ‘Kirk Cousins’ or ‘Minnesota Vikings Podcast Network.

If the Eagles’ offense bailed Philadelphia out of a hole in Week 1, the Falcons’ was strangely dormant for most of their opening game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Atlanta was shut down for the first three quarters and by the time the Falcons finally got on the scoreboard, they had allowed 28 unanswered points.

Matt Ryan finished 33-of-46 for 304 passing yards and two touchdowns, both of which came when the game was already done and dusted.

The 2016 MVP never looked comfortable against the Vikings pass rush and threw two costly interceptions.

Julio Jones marked his new three-year, $66 million contract extension with a touchdown but hauled in just six of his 11 targets for a very modest 31 yards.

The Falcons didn’t fare much better on the ground, racking up a meager 73 yards over 17 carries, while the defense conceded 172 rushing yards.

Against the Vikings, Atlanta had to deal with minimal threat through the air as Kirk Cousins attempted just 11 passes, but a repeat of the same scenario is highly unlikely on Sunday night against Philadelphia.

The Falcons are 7/2 second-favorites to win the NFC South but back-to-back defeats in the first two weeks of the campaign would leave Atlanta in a very perilous position.

Philadelphia, on the other hand, has limited room for error itself as it will in all likelihood face a close fight with the Dallas Cowboys to come out on top of the NFC East.

The Cowboys looked dominant against the New York Giants in Week 1 and the Eagles are well aware of the need to keep up the pace.

Redskins vs Vikings

Redskins vs Vikings:No one knows football like Tierney. The veteran sportswriter, whose work has appeared in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, has covered football of all levels for decades. And that expertise has been evident since he joined SportsLine in 2016. Last season, he went 63-46 on NFL picks against the spread.

In addition, Tierney has his pulse on the Redskins. In fact, he is 18-6 on his last 24 picks involving Washington, and anyone who has followed him is way up. Now, he has analyzed Vikings vs. Redskins from every possible angle and locked in another confident against the spread pick. It’s available only at SportsLine.

Tierney knows that Minnesota quarterback Kirk Cousins is on a roll. In the first four games of the season, Cousins completed 64.6 percent of his passes and averaged 183.8 yards a game while throwing just three touchdowns. However, in the last three games, Cousins has completed 75.6 percent of his passes for an average of 325.3 yards. He’s connected on 10 touchdowns over that span against only one interception. The former Redskins quarterback who signed with the Vikings prior to the 2018 season, Cousins will have extra motivation facing his former team.

In addition, Minnesota has one of the top defenses in the league. The Vikings are giving up just 327.9 yards and 17.6 points per game, and rank sixth in the NFL in both categories. The Vikings are also 5-2 against the spread this season, compared to just 2-5 for Washington.

Kickoff is slated for 8:20 p.m. EST on NFL Network and FOX. The game will be streamed on Amazon.

The Redskins are led by head coach Bill Callahan, quarterback Case Keenum and running back Adrian Peterson. Washington comes in with a 1-6 record after a Week 7 loss to the 49ers

.The Vikings are led by head coach Mike Zimmer, quarterback Kirk Cousins, and running back Dalvin Cook. Minnesota comes in with a 5-2 record after a Week 7 win over the Lions.

When the Vikings (5-2) host the Redskins (1-6) on “Thursday Night Football” (8:20 p.m. ET, Fox, NFL Network, Amazon Prime Video), the matchup takes the “revenge game” narrative to a whole new level

Quarterback Kirk Cousins doubled up as a franchise-tagged player before leaving Washington for Minnesota as a free agent before the 2018 season. He replaced Case Keenum, who landed in Denver in ’18 before becoming the new bridge QB in Washington this season

Then there’s Adrian Peterson, the former Vikings superstar running back who’s now the centerpiece of the Redskins’ run-heavy offense with interim coach Bill Callahan. He is expected to play through an ankle injury for what might be a final shot to play against his former team in his former home.

That said, Cousins and the Vikings are huge favorites over Keenum, Peterson and the Redskins.

Here’s everything to know about betting on Redskins vs. Vikings in Week 8, including updated odds, trends and our prediction for “Thursday Night Football.

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Betting odds for ‘Thursday Night Football

Spread: Vikings by 16.5
Point total: 42
Moneyline: Redskins -105, Vikings -105

The Vikings are red-hot, having won three consecutive games, covering as mild favorites in each. The Redskins just got shut out against the 49ers, but they ended up covering by losing only 9-0. Minnesota has been a heavy favorite since early in the week.

Redskins vs. Vikings all-time series

The teams have split the series, 13-13. The Vikings have won three of four games in the rivalry since 2013. All of them were one-possession games. Dating back to 1996, the Vikings are 8-6 straight up and 8-6 against the spread.

Three trends to know

53 percent of bettors believe the Vikings will cover the big number, while 52 percent like the total to go over, given Cousins will be motivated to not to let up on his former team.

When the Vikings win, they’ve covered all five times. When the Vikings lose, they have failed to come through against the spread.

Redskins vs. Vikings prediction

The Vikings will jump out to a big lead with Cousins and use Cook and rookie backup Alexander Mattison more to slam the door and keep the ball away from Keenum and the Redskins to quickly remove any thoughts of a road comeback. Minnesota is a much better team and won’t waste the opportunity to make a massive statement for a national audience.

World Series 2019

World Series 2019 live:the 2019 World Series between the Astros vs Nationals .. Here’s what cord cutters need to know to watch,the World Series live.The Astros return to the Fall Classic for the second time in three years,while the Nationals are playing in the first World Series in franchise history.MLB Game 1 is tonight World Series 2019 Live MLB game.

World Series 2019 Live :The MLB World Series 2019 Live Online on Fox Tv channel. Here is the two best

team battle each other. This is one of the best sports event in USA. Astros and Nationals are face to

face today’s match. Come to here and enjoy to watch every MLB game.

HD Live With Fire TV :Astros vs Nationals Live Fire TV is a digital media player and its microconsole

remote developed by Amazon. Amazon Fire TV is a digital media player created by Amazon and Raptors vs

Pelicans its remote microconsole. The phone is a tiny network appliance that can supply to a high-

definition television digital audio / video content transmitted over the internet.

The Nationals dispensed of St. Louis through a National League Championship
Astros vs Nationals Live Game MLB Series sweep and come into the Fall Classic after a week layoff.

The Astros open the best-of-seven series at home after they earned the top regular-season record in

Major League Baseball.MLB Game 2019 Live TV In Hd.

Houston is 4-1 at Minute Maid Park and 2-3 on the road in the postseason, while Washington holds a 4-1

road mark and is 3-1 at Nationals Park.

ose Altuve and Michael Brantley led the Astros with 15 combined hits in the ALCS, while Carlos Correa

and George Springer contributed two home runs each.

The Giants won 91 MLB games and the NL crown. They had Carl Hubbell — the NL MVP — atop the rotation and

24-year-old future Hall of Famer Mel Ott anchoring the lineup. Still, they apparently weren’t given much

of a chance. Again, from Thompson’s column.

World Series 2019 Live:are still relevant in 2019 The Astros are overwhelming favorites to win the 2019

World Series, according to Las Vegas oddsmakers and pretty much everyone on Twitter who doesn’t live in

our nation’s capital. Officially, they’re the heaviest favorite since 2007, when the Red Sox were -240

favorites to beat the Rockies, and Boston finished that less-than-classic World Series in four games,

outscoring Colorado 29-10. The Astros opened at -235.

Nationals:Howie Kendrick. The consummate pro, Kendrick is more than just a veteran presence at 36. A

smart hitter and versatile defender, he batted .344 with 17 homers, 62 RBIs and a .966 OPS in 370 plate

appearances this season. Then he won the deciding Game 5 of the Division Series at Dodger Stadium with a

10th-inning grand slam, and took home NLCS MVP honors after hitting .333 with four doubles and four RBIs

in the four-game sweep of St. Louis. He has plenty of playoff experience, but this is Kendrick’s first

chance to play in the World Series.

Astros:Jose Altuve. What else can you say about this clutch little big man who remains the heart and

soul of the Astros? Generously listed at 5-foot-6, the 2017 AL MVP is simply one of baseball’s best

players — no matter the size. Altuve put Houston back in the World Series with a walk-off homer against

Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman in Game 6 of the ALCS and was selected series MVP.
He’s hitting .349 with five homers, eight RBIs, 10 runs and a 1.184 OPS this October. He has 13 career

postseason homers, most by a second baseman.

MLB 2019 Game:World Series while the Nationals are playing in the first World Series in franchise

history.MLB Game 1 is tonight.2019 Live World Series.

That’s because the Nationals have played well on the road, going 4-1 away from home during the playoffs

and 7-3 in their last 10 road games. Statistically, Washington is tops in a number of offensive

categories during the MLB Playoffs 2019, including batting (.243), runs scored (45), hits (79), doubles

(19) and RBIs (43).

That year, the Senators (who left D.C. after the 1960 season and became the Minnesota Twins) won 99

games, outpacing the Yankees — still with Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in the heart of the lineup — by eight

wins. They were the first AL team to reach the World Series other than the Yankees or Philadelphia A’s

since 1925.World Series 2019 Live.

Nationals vs Astros

Nationals vs Astros Live:The Nationals and Astros in the best-of-seven 2019 World Series of Baseball, which kicks off on Tuesday evening at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, and every game broadcast live on FOX. 2019 World Series schedule will get underway tonight from Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas as the Washington Nationals take on the Houston Astros to determine this year’s MLB champion.

Nationals: Ryan Zimmerman. The longtime face of the franchise, Zimmerman was Washington’s first draft pick in 2005 after the team moved to the nation’s capital from Montreal. A converted third baseman, he’s been hampered by injuries much of the past six years including shoulder problems that affect his throwing. But at age 35, he’s become an everyday player again during a solid postseason.

Astros: Yuli Gurriel. From a family of baseball royalty in Cuba, the highly touted Gurriel got a $47.5m contract and has established himself as a productive RBI man during three full years in the majors. He was slumping in the AL Championship Series against the Yankees until his three-run homer got the Astros going in the Game 6 clincher.
Edge: Astros.

We will keep you in the loop with live updates from each game including the stats, video highlights and more. In the meantime, if you would like to plan accordingly for the week ahead, you will find the complete World Series schedule, TV channels and live streaming information, pitching matchups as they are announced and more. Box scores will update live as the games are played and recaps will be linked up once those games go final, so bookmark this page and check back to stay in the loop on the latest from this series.

World Series TV Schedule: Nationals vs. Astros Game 1

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 22
Location: Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas
Time: 8:08 p.m. ET
TV: Fox
Live Stream: Fox Sports

Nationals vs. Astros Game 1 Preview

If the Astros continue the way they’ve been going this postseason, hosting Tuesday’s Game 1 could prove to be a key factor in their World Series outcome, especially if this goes the full seven.

Houston is 5-1 at Minute Maid Park this postseason. Of course, the location of Game 1 could also turn into a boon for the Nationals, who are 4-1 on the road this postseason. If their extended rest doesn’t leave them sluggish, this could be a surprise early (curly) W for Washington.

Perhaps the Nationals will find the Astros aren’t the dominant favorite they’re expected to be. Houston’s offense struggled in the American League Championship Series against the New York Yankees, hitting .179/.281/.318 with 54 strikeouts.

And no one is questioning Washington’s grittiness after this season. While Houston posted a franchise-record 107 wins this season, the Nationals limped out to a 19-31 start. That they would get here seemed far-fetched at best.

In late May, though, Washington rallied, going 82-40 and proving it belongs in the conversation.

How the Astros got here

For the Houston Astros, it was World Series or bust. When you boast of a pitching staff that features Justin Verlander and Garrit Cole – not to mention trading for Zack Grienke during the season, the pressure to deliver is intense.

Houston’s lineup is one of the best in baseball. With studs like Jose Altuve, George Springer, Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman leading the way, the Astros can score runs in a hurry.

The Astros defeated Tampa Bay in the ALDS before knocking out the New York Yankees in 6 games in the ALCS to advance to the World Series.

Vegas odds, schedule

The Nationals will once again be a heavy underdog in the upcoming series against Houston, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Vegas oddsmakers have Houston listed at -225 to in the World Series, with the comeback on Washington at +170. The Astros are a great team, but that underdog money looks real nice – especially with a team that is definitely playing with house money.

For fans on the go, each World Series game will stream live on FOX Sports Go. Just download the free App from your App Store and you can follow every pitch live on your phone, tablet or hand-held device.

Game 1 Nationals at Astros — Tuesday, Oct. 22, 8:08 p.m. ET — FOX

Game 2 Nationals at Astros — Wednesday, Oct. 23, 8:07 p.m. ET — FOX

Game 3 Astros at Nationals — Friday, Oct. 25, 8:07 p.m. ET — FOX

Game 4 Astros at Nationals — Saturday, Oct. 26, 8:07 p.m. ET — FOX

Game 5* Astros at Nationals — Sunday, Oct. 27, 8:07 p.m. ET — FOX

Game 6* Nationals at Astros — Tuesday, Oct. 29, 8:07 p.m. ET — FOX

Game 7* Nationals at Astros — Wednesday, Oct. 30, 8:08 p.m. ET — FOX